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Glycemic Index (GI)

Dysglycemia is the term for unstable blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, dysglycemia has become an epidemic in our society. The seriousness of this condition is grossly underestimated and generally not thought of as a problem by the general public, or health care field for that matter. Dysglycemia leads to a range of conditions including the diabetes, insulin resistance, ADHD and thyroid conditions to name a few. Fortunately, a dysglycemia can be easily corrected through diet which is why we are arming you with the table below to help you make the right choices.

The glycemic index (GI) is used to measure blood sugar levels, which result from the digestive process after food intake. Worldwide this is an established and reliable indicator for measuring increase in blood sugar levels after ingestion of carbohydrates. Foods are considered foods well-suited for weight reduction, if they lead to low blood sugar levels and thereby low levels of insulin. Insulin not only lowers blood sugar levels but also halts burning fats. When trying to lose weight it is essential to mostly eat foods, which lead to low blood sugar levels.

Concentration of carbohydrates: namely, how many grams of carbohydrates are contained in certain foods, play a key role. In the event the carbohydrate portion is less than 10 g per 100 g in a given food, then products with a high resulting glycemic index may be consumed. These foods are marked with a star * in the following table. For example, a watermelon would normally yield a glycemic index of 75 and would not be well-suited for losing weight. However, the carbohydrate portion is only 7 g per 100 g in a watermelon, so watermelon may be eaten without an ensuing negative effect on insulin levels.

  • low glycemic index < 55
  • medium glycemic index 56-69
  • high glycemic index > 70
Vegetable and Salads GLYX
Cauliflower 15
Beans, red 40
Kidney Beans 30
Peas, canned 50
Peas, raw 40
Peas, dry 30
Vegetables, green 15
Carrots, cooked* 85*
Carrots, raw 30
Chickpeas 30
Pumpkin * 75*
Lima Beans 30
Lentils, canned 40
Lentils, raw 30
Lentils, yellow/brown 30
Lentils, red 26
Corn 65
Horseradish 35
Paprika 30
Mushrooms 15
Radishes 30
Beets, canned * 65*
Brussels Sprouts 15
Cabbage, red 15
Sauerkraut 15
Soy Beans 15
Bean Sprouts 30
Asparagus 15
Spinach 15
Tomato 30
Cabbage, white 15
Zucchini 15
Bulbs 15

Fruit GLYX
Pineapple * 65*
Apple 35
Apricot 30
Apricot, dried 45
Banana, ripe 60
Banana, firm 45
Pear 35
Strawberry 30
Grapefruit 25
Cantaloupe * 60*
Cherry 25
Kiwi 53
Mango 40
Orange 43
Papaya 50
Peach 40
Plums 40
Raisins 65
Watermelon* 75*
Grape 55

Bread and Baking Goods GLYX
Pretzel 80
Croissant 70
Wheat Toast 65
Pumpernickel 40
Whole Grain Bread (Rye) 45
Whole Grain Toast 50
White Toast 80

Grain & Nuts GLYX
Buckwheat 55
Cornflakes 85
Oat Flakes 40
Oat Bran 51
Cracker 75
Corn Chips 75
Corn Flour 69
Cereals, sweetened 65
Popcorn 85
Rye Flakes 35
Chocolate Granola 70
Whole Grain Cereals 40
White Flour 70
Nuts 15-30

Beverages GLYX
Beer 110
Champagner 55
Coke 90
Vegetable Juice, fresh 35
Fruit Juice, fresh 50
Coffee 0
Lemonade 90
Wine, red, dry 50
Tea 0
Wine, white, dry 55
Water 0

Milk Products GLYX
Butter 0
Butter Milk 15
Ice Cream 63
Cream Cheese 0
Fruit Yogurt 60
Cottage Cheese 20
Mozzarella 0
Yogurt, plain 15
Cream 0
Milk 30

Side Dishes (Noodles, Rice, Potatoes) GLYX
Basmati Rice 55
Couscous 60
Chinese Noodles 35
Gnocchi 67
Potatoes, peeled, cooked 70
Potatoes in the skin 60
Potatoes, roasted 95
Potatoes, mashed 85
Noodles, softly cooked 60
Noodles, "al dente" 54
Polenta 68
French Fries 90
Rice Flour 95
Whole Grain Noodles 42

Sweets and Snacks GLYX
Potatoes Chips 95
Ice Cream 70
Fruit Ice Cream w/o Sugar 35
Peanuts 15
Fructose 35
Honey 80
Cookies 70
Jam 65
Malt Sugar 110
Marmalade w Fructose 30
Candy Bars 70
Marzipan 80
Tart 65
Popcorn 70
Puff Rice 85
Sugar, refined 72
Chocolate, 70% Cocoa 20
Chocolade, Whole-Milk 70
Sorbet 35
Glucose 100
Waffles 77

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